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Thank you notes, both written and unwritten, are threatening to overcome me. So I have decided to cheer up this dreary, depressing blog with some gratitude.

You may or may not still get an “official” thank you note from me. We are drowning in cards, letters, books, gifts…all of it and I am honored, humbled and strengthened by the outpouring of love, support, prayers, kindness and giving from those all around me. Zoe, Jason and I have been so very blessed by those who love us…love Noah…and even by those we’ve never met.

So, not unlike Santa Claus, I am making a list. This list will no doubt have to be tackled in several installments. The last month has been a blur, quite literally, and I probably will forget someone. But I have to try. Gratitude heals and I need to be reminded of the amazing souls who are still here and who love me, Noah, Zoe, Jason…everyone.

So. In no particular order, I give you my gratitude:

Isabella Zaniletti: You are amazing. You are a friend who would do anything for me and you’ve proven it to me over and over. You have dropped everything to become my loving and gentle caretaker. You were at the hospital moments after I called you from the ambulance and you stayed with me through it all. You have organized my support and thought of every little detail when my brain was just as broken as my heart (my brain, though not right to begin with most likely, is probably on the fritz 90% of the time anyway). You have been positive when I need it, reminded me who I am, and you’ve been my shoulder to cry on. You have been right by my side, literally and physically, as my supporter, my cheerleader, my voice of reason, my confidante and my partner in crime. You’ve held me up when I collapsed. You are my person, Isabella. I am so very blessed that you are in my life and I would do anything to help in whatever you may want or need, with a glad and grateful heart, should you ever need it for any reason.

Eryn Peddicord: You were the first face I saw when visiting hours were open Saturday morning. You put aside the family disputes and drama and followed your heart right on up to the PICU at Children’s Mercy Hospital. I will never be able to fully tell you what that meant to me. I have always loved your thoughtful, giving heart, Eryn, and it makes me so happy that you and Noah got a chance to really get to know each other. Noah was a unique and special soul and I’m glad it was shaped by knowing yours. I will always love you and count you among my family no matter what divisions take place around us.

Diane Davis: We aren’t as close as we once were, but I have never stopped loving you. I was so scared when you came to the hospital the night of Noah’s accident; so scared you would blame me. But of course you didn’t. You fell right back into the wonderful woman I called my “best friend” for the many years I was married to your son. I hope to continue to stay close with you. I think Noah would want that. He loved you so much. And I love you too. What I said about Eryn goes for you too: I will always love you and count you among my family no matter what.

Well I made it through three. Yes, I am positive that this gratitude list will have to be multiple installments. More to come. Much more.